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Jacobs University offers Microsoft Office 365 to its members for free. This offer currently features:

  • OneDrive for Business: 1 TB of web-based, online, personal file storage, shareable, with sync between Windows PCs and Macs, also Android, iOS, Windows Mobile devices
  • Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote: edit your files in a web browser everywhere, from any device
  • Real-time collaborative editing of documents on the web and simultaneously with locally installed Microsoft Office, including in-document chat
  • Microsoft Office on mobile for Android and IOS, integrated with OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business for online instant chat, audio, voice calls and conferences, online collaboration, screen sharing, and collaborative editing of Office documents
  • Download and use of Microsoft Office Professional Plus software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, ...) on Windows PC and Mac for free for private use on private devices.

For a complete list of features and availability, see section "General Availability..." below. 

Important Information for all Office 365 users

The Richtlinie zur Nutzung von Informations- und Kommunikationsdiensten (ICT Guideline) applies to Office 365.

Eligibility of the offer is tied to Jacobs University membership. If your Jacobs University membership expires, so will the offer. Also, Jacobs University or Microsoft might terminate the agreement.

In case of ineligibility or termination of the offer, stored data will become inaccessible and the features will no longer be available. Be sure to get your data out of Office 365 before this happens.

Getting Started

To access the online services, login to To login, use your JACOBS user account (aka CampusNet username and password).

The username should be written in the form "". There is no dot in your CampusNet user name.

Choose an application from the checkerboard menu in the top left.

Often, the login screens of Microsoft ask for the email address. This, in fact, means, "your login at Microsoft", which, in our case, is the JACOBS user account, written in the form "", and NOT your email address. There is no dot in your CampusNet user name.

To download Microsoft Office software, please see the page Microsoft Office Download for Employees and Students for details.

Windows 10 comes with the OneDrive sync client as part of the operating system installation. If you need to download the OneDrive synchronization client, or for info on how to use it, please see the page Get started with the new OneDrive sync client in Windows for details.

Learning about Office 365

The Office 365 Training Center has lots of videos to get started with Office 365, also available in German.

Video training for OneDrive for Business is available in English and in German.

Video training for Skype for Business is available at and also in German.


It is not possible to call phone numbers from Skype for Business or Teams at Jacobs University.

Limits of OneDrive for Business are listed in this article, limits of Sharepoint Online in this article, limits of Exchange Online in this article.

(No) Backup by Jacobs University

There is no backup of any data in Office 365 controlled by Jacobs University, except:

  • OneDrive for Business files and folders of default "Documents" library of employees, except the top-level folder "PRIVATE"
  • Teams files and folders of default "Files" (technically "Shared Documents") library

The sole purpose of this copy is to secure our assets in case Microsoft's infrastructure becomes spontaneously unavailable. Therefore, each of these sites get a user onm-backup ("Jacobs Backup") added that is used to copy files. 

While employees can use Jacobs University's resources for private purposes according to the Richtlinie zur Nutzung von Informations- und Kommunikationsdiensten (ICT Guideline), we would like to not copy private data into our backup.

Employees, please store your private data, i.e. data not relevant for Jacobs University's business, in a OneDrive for Business top-level folder called "PRIVATE". It will be created for you if it doesn't exist.

Self-Service Restore of Content in OneDrive for Business

If you made changes to files you want to undo, each file in OneDrive for Business has a version history, you can view previous versions in the web interface and revert to a previous one.

If you accidentally deleted files or folders, they are temporarily stored in a OneDrive for Business "Recycle bin", just as on your desktop. Visit the web interface, select the "Recycle bin", and restore the deleted files or folders.

If your PC/Mac got infected with a virus, that thing encrypted or deleted all your local files, which gets synced to OneDrive for Business online, which gets synced to all of your other devices, then in effect you would have lost all your files. However, in the settings of the web interface of OneDrive for Business is a "Restore" option which lets you rollback your complete OneDrive for Business to a past point in time. This will rollback all changes since that date, including the malware's effect, but also including your own.

Self-Service Restore of Content in Exchange (Exchange Online and also Exchange on premise)

If you delete emails, they are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder. You can recover deleted emails by selecting that folder and moving emails out of it.

If emails have been deleted from the "Deleted Items" folder, they can be recovered for another 90 days. Browse to the Outlook Web Access, select the "Deleted Items" folder, right-click, select "Recover deleted items". 


If you need help, please contact the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff or the Service Desk for Students, depending on your Jacobs University membership.

General Availability of Features / Products for Jacobs University Members

Feature (linked)DescriptionCompliant to EU-GDPR?Available to Employees?Available to Students?
To-DoSimple task management, part of Exchange Online(tick)(tick)(tick)
StreamVideo portal(tick)(tick) (view only)(tick) (view only)
TeamsCollaboration environment(tick)(tick) (by request)(tick) (as members)
FlowWorkflow engine(tick)(minus)(tick)
Power AppsBusiness applications (tick) (tick)(tick) 
Forms Form / survey data entry (tick)(tick)(tick) 
PlannerKanban / agile task management (tick)(tick) (use it from Teams)(minus) 
Sway Online presentations (tick)(tick)(tick) 
Office OnlineOffice products as web applications (tick)(tick)(tick) 
Sharepoint OnlineCollaboration environment, also OneDrive for Business (tick)(tick) (use it from Teams)(minus)
OneDrive for BusinessPersonal file storage, technically a special site collection in Sharepoint Online(tick)(tick)(tick) 
Exchange Online Personal information manager aka messaging (Email, calendars, contacts, tasks)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Office Pro PlusDownload of Microsoft Office applications on private computers(minus)(tick) (tick) 
Skype for Business Video calls, audio calls, conferences / meetings, chats, screen sharing (tick)(tick) (tick)
Project Online Essentials Project portfolio management (tick) (minus) (minus) 
WhiteboardFreeform digital canvas(tick)(tick)(tick)
Kaizala ProMobile 1:1 and group chat, including video telephony
(like WhatsApp, but conforming to EU-GDPR)

The information about EU-GDPR compliance is based on the document "Online Services Terms" as of June 1, 2019 available online here.

Jacobs University has a data processing agreement with Microsoft according to EU model clauses and EU-GDPR provisions, which is also approved by our Datenschutzbeauftragter (Data Protection Officer), thereby Office 365 qualifies for processing person-related data in their compliant services.

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  1. Schmidt, Torge

    Office 2016 update is already available for Office 365 Enterprise plans. Are we getting it anytime soon? If not, can you please at least enable First Release so that those of us who are willing to get it early can do so?

  2. Thanks for your interest!

    I have now changed Jacobs' release preferences to "First release" to make the newest features available to everyone as soon as possible, i.e this puts us on the "Fast Track" release track.

    This change might take some time to process.

    If issues arise from this change, I will have to change it back.


  3. Is it possible to link our Jacobs University Office365 subscription to a personal OneDrive account, and if so, do we retain the additional storage after ex-matriculation?

    Basically, how can I take this 1 Tb of storage and add it to my personal OneDrive? On campus I have heard that it is possible, but nobody seems to know how to do this

    1. Thanks for your interest!

      "OneDrive for Business" and "OneDrive" are, despite the similarity in name, built on completely different technologies and are completely separate products. It is not possible to combine them into one. The hearsay is wrong, sorry.

      You can, however, use them both in parallel, including the sync client. In effect, you have the sum of your "OneDrive" storage plus your 1TB "OneDrive for Business" storage available at the same time.

      You won't retain the 1TB "OneDrive for Business" storage after your time at Jacobs, though.

  4. So I tried doing this on my new laptop but it doesn't recognize my Jacobs email and campusnet password. Yes, I tried it without a dot, with the dash in my name and without. I think I need help.

    1. Answered in Ticket#2016100711000258

      1. I have the same problem. When trying to reset the password the website says I do not exist in the database. 

        1. Same issue as 2016. Fixed! Please try again, if it doesn't work out immediately, give it a few hours. Sorry.

          Your username would be, password as of CampusNet.

  5. Why is SharePoint not available for employees if their services comply with GDPR? 

    1. Primarily, because we don't have backup of it.

    2. Fixed! See announcement Availability of Office 365 broadened and the availability table on this page. (smile)

      1. Just to clarify, at the time the question was asked, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for Business were the same line in the table. OneDrive for Business is available for employees. Sharepoint Online still isn't.

  6. Office2019 is avaliable for private Home use program installations. Office365 still is called Office2016 on official web page for installation although regularly updated (last time this morning). Is Office365 the same as Office2019 though?

    1. > "Office365 still is called Office2016" and "Is Office365 the same as Office2019 though?"

      Office 365 is not Office 2016 and is not Office 2019.

      Office 365 is Microsoft's online suite containing various services, some of them online, e.g. Word Online or Excel Online or Sharepoint Online. One of those many services is the download availability of Microsoft Office Professional for a local installation. Office 2016 and Office 2019 are two different release versions of Microsoft Office Professional. (This download must only be used on private devices, not on Jacobs University-owned devices, those need to get Microsoft Office from IT support.)

      The release of Microsoft Office Professional which can be downloaded within Office 365 is defined on the tenant level (i.e., for all Jacobs University users at the same time). The only options are to subscribe to the stable channel or the early release channel. We are currently subscribed to the early release channel, based on a past user request. 

      Which version can be downloaded at any given moment within Office 365 is determined by Microsoft and not transparent on the configuration page, it's just "Microsoft Office Professional".


        It's named Office 16 there. Apps installed from the 365 page have version numbers 16.---  although they are regularly updated.

        1. Couldn't find "Office 16" on the page, though the header of that page, sais "Access für Office 365 OneNote 2016 Office 2016 Excel 2016 Word 2016 Mehr..." (tongue)

          Internal versioning of Office seems kind of hilarious, especially as the version numbers don't coincide with the marketing labels, see or for examples.

          Wikipedia lists both Office 2016 and Office 2019 as version number 16.0, whereas Office for Mac 2016 has both version numbers 15.0 and 16.0 at the same time...

          I am out of words.

  7. Regarding TEAMS: when my team "teamname" was installed I got  a message from about that and within the teams environment system messages (e.g., meeting request) are sent from and to this email address. However, I always get an error mesage: email address not found. Why so?

    1. Continued in Ticket#2019052911000202

    2. Short public answer here: this happens for responses to scheduled meeting invitations in a teams channel. Needs to be fixed.

  8. Dear Torge, 

    Maybe you can help - this OneDrive for Business v/s OneDrive is confusing. Are these completely different apps or is it just the quota that is different ? I am running Version 15.3.0 (150123 Beta) of the OneDrive for Business on my Mac Desktop; but on my laptop, I am running OneDrive; and naturally there are sync problems .. so, do you have a direct link to the correct version of OneDrive for Business for mac and pc ?

    many thanks ..


    1. Gone are the "Beta" days. OneDrive is available in the Mac App Store. (thumbs up)

      The difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is in where the data is stored and what quota comes with it. Nowadays, it's the same client for both services.

      naturally there are sync problems

      Naturally, there aren't. (wink) I run it just fine across multiple devices, Mac included.

      If sync issues creep up, please always check first, if OneDrive is updated to the latest version.

      Edit: I removed the confusing paragraph from the page.

  9. Dear Torge,
    I cannot log in office 365 with my Jacobs username email (with no dot). The system doesn't recognize my username. Please let me know if there is any solution. Thank you!

    1. In deed, there is an "interesting" issue with your account, I'll look into it ASAP.

      1. Thanks. Please let me know if the problem is solved.



      2. Dear Torge,

        It's been more than 10 days and the problem still didn't solve. I really need my email back to deal with many school work. Please solve my email address problem as soon as possible, otherwise it's very inconvenient for me. Thank you.



        1. Sorry, yes. Should be fixed in about 30 minutes, give it a try then.

          1. looks good now, would be your login.

            1. It works, thank you so much.

  10. Dear Team works, I cannot login to my email , it tells me that my username is incorrect and won’t let me proceed. I have tried it without the dot as well. Please get me back to me soon.


    Ahmed Qaiser

    1. your account was fixed a few days ago, right?