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What you can use this Confluence Wiki for:

General Information Distribution

  • Intranet: Distribute information to people within Jacobs University, e.g. Blog.
  • Extranet: Distribute information to people outside Jacobs University, e.g. IT.
  • Documentation: you developed a superb product or prototype? Describe and document it within this site, provide downloads and encourage comments and feedback.
  • Program Organization: organize a course program, excursions, other events, e.g. EGCS.

Collaboration and Cooperation

(info) Various examples already exist, but are generally not available to the public, hence not referenced here.

  • Group Work: collaborate and communicate in a group, either Jacobs University internal or with external users, regarding any topic; research, teaching, administrative tasks, or common interests.
  • Project Work: work together on a specific task, like graduation or the next orientation week.
  • Research Projects: you can collaborate in preparing of or working on research projects. If you grant permission to users from outside you can include external participants.
  • Teaching: use a space for your course and enable your students to add and edit pages in it so create a rich information space; you can also have your students putting their homework into the Wiki.
  • Collaborative teaching: overlapping course content can be maintained together.
  • Managing job applications: entering basic data and/or evaluation of job applications can help making the process managable.
  • Club organization: your student club needs a page for its organizers or members to work together, or just to distribute information? Here it is!

Personal Profiling

  • Personal Homepage: you can create your own homepage and have it public to the world; you can even grant external users permissions allowing your colleagues, friends, family to add content to your own space, e.g. ~tschmidt.
  • Blogging: you want to share your experiences, ramblings or feelings with the rest of Jacobs University or the world? Use this site as your personal blog, e.g. Blog.

The sky, your imagination, and the hard disk of the server are the only limits!

Personal Use

  • Self-Organization: keep your task list, priorities, todo lists, sticky notes, project plans, ideas, buy-lists in this wiki.
  • Document Management: attach your documents as appropriate to later find, search and refacture them easily.

Use of Wikis in Education

An interesting discussion of options is given here.

A whole website dedicated to this topic is

Tips and usages especially for an educational setting can be found at For Teachers New to Wikis. It is a "sister" site to the Teaching Wiki:

Teaching Wiki aspires to be a community for college-level faculty, particularly faculty teaching rhetoric and composition. However, as we invoke the wiki way here, we invite all college faculty and instructors to be wikiteachers with us. Feel free to use this site to reflect on teaching practices, cite resources and provide lesson plans.

In addition, you might want to follow the Blog, where entries have the "advocacy" label.