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Table of Content

Service Level Agreement

Name of Service

Teamwork Service, short name "teamwork".

Service Description

The service provides the Confluence wiki and blog collaboration web platform. Web content has a URL starting with, or https protocol is also provided. The content is available world-wide.

The account name to use is the CampusNet account and password.

Programmatic access via SOAP or XMLRPC is possible after protocol-inherent authentication.

A WebDAV interface is provided, as is a bloggin API.

The server is included in IRC-IT's monitoring system.

The server is included in IRC-IT's backup system. The backup is used for disaster recovery or system migration only.

Service Products

The content served under the given URLs.

Service Customer

Admin management meeting.

Service User

Jacobs University members.

Service Continuity

The service is provided until end of May 2009.

This SLA is fixed until July 2007. Transitional information, documentation, and additional information might be changed.

The server certificate is valid until December 11, 2009. After that date, a new certificate will be installed.

Service Availability

The service is available 24/7.

Service Reliability

The service is 99% reliable, calculated per month.

Service Charging

No costs for service provisioning is charged to the Service Customer or Service User.

Service Security

Data management on the web service is done by the user. Authentication and authorization is based on live LDAP data.

Content in the system is stored in spaces. Service Users logged in have the possibility to create spaces. Management of the permission of the spaces is the obligation of the space administrator(s). The creator of a space is it's first administrator.

Service Users can manage confidentiality of their web pages by setting appropriate permissions.

The service is available world-wide, care for appropriate data security must be taken by the Service Users.

https protocol is provided to securely transfer information on the Internet.

The HTTP protocol transmits all information, including usernames and passwords over the network in the clear. To protect content and user credentials, https protocol or VPN Access can be used.

The SHA1 fingerprint of the server certificate is F473 76C0 130A 53C6 0BEE 3CC5 9165 1274 6735 6BB5. The certified server name for HTTPS is

Service Prerequisites

The Service User must have a valid CampusNet/LDAP account.

Service Customer/User Responsibility

The Service User is responsible for the content. IRC and Jacobs University policies, German and International laws apply. Usage of the service constitutes acceptance of the policies and this SLA. Confidentiality of information is to be ensured by the Service User where appropriate.

The Service User must be knowledgable of how to maintain wiki and blog content.

Service Support

Support Extent

The Service Desk for Faculty and Staff

  • ensures availability of the web application,
  • updates operating system and installed software as appropriate.

Support Channels

Service support can be reached by employing the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff contact channels.

Support Availability

Service support is available during Service Desk for Faculty and Staff hours.

Service Workflows

Instantiation Workflow

There is no application workflow. Service Users as defined above are automatically eligible for this service.

Operational Workflows

There are no operational workflows. Content is maintained by the Service User.

The given templates will not be changed by IRC-IT.

Decomission Workflow

As soon as the Service User as defined above is no longer eligible for this service, the user's content is subject for removal by IRC-IT without further notice. Service Users should plan ahead the future of their content before change of status or before leaving Jacobs University.

Configuration Information


The following parameters are set:

Feature Settings

Rich Text Editing:


Users see Rich Text Editor by default:


CamelCase Links:


Threaded Comments:




Remote API (XML-RPC & SOAP):


Compress HTTP Responses:


Draft Save Interval:

30 seconds

Number of Ancestors to Show in Breadcrumbs:


Attachment Settings

Attachment Maximum Size (B):

32.00 Mb

Maximum Attachments per Form:


Thumbnail maximum height:


Thumbnail maximum width:



A backup is performed daily and stored at least three months.

Key Performance Indicators

Monthly availability numbers of the HTTP and HTTPS services as reported by IRC-IT's monitoring system.

Measurements of Key Performance Indicators

Availability HTTP Service

External pages show the availability of this service for last month and, for informational purposes only, for the last 7 days.

Availability HTTPS Service

External pages show the availability of this service for last month and, for informational purposes only, for the last 7 days.

Live System Status

The live status of the system implementing the service can be seen at this external page.

Open Issues

These open issues will be remedied as soon as possible.

A site logo has not been configured. The Service Customer might decide to have one installed.

Additional Links

Dynamic Content

Content within this site labeled with "confluence". The list is restricted to 20 entries.