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Temporary Solution

(warning) This solution is only temporary to support Home Office these days and is only available to Jacobs University Employees (warning)

No additional VPN connection needed

(warning) You do not need to start a VPN connection to access this web based VPN solution (warning) Do not use this web based VPN connection with an established VPN connection (e.g. Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client) (warning)

Connect to via a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and log in with your campusnet username and password.

After successfully login to you see several buttons to connect to remote desktops.  Usually you only need the VirtualDesktop, which provides basic functionality (e.g. fileshare access) and software (Outlook, Word, Excel, CampusNet Client and Teams).


After you click on VirtualDesktop the connection to the remote desktop will be established automatically.

You can switch to full screen by clicking on the S icon in the upper right corner.

Please do not forget to Sign Out, to free resources on the terminal server for other users.

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