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This page is dedicated to give small tips and tricks about the use of Confluence.


  1. Could we have the trick for enlarging the font when reading the page? The IE menu option View / Text Size doesn't seem to work. TIA, Hans.

      1. Yep, works like a charm. Thanks! The screencasts are very helpful.

  2. Spaces within Spaces / Restricting access to specific pages within a space

    How can this be done? I ahve a space everyone can view - I would like to create, within that space, a space for a certain group

    I have a page within a public space, which I would like to restrict access to



    1. Spaces within spaces is not possible, but an often requested feature. You might want to follow or contribute to or

      Pages (and their children) can be access restricted, though. See for the documentation and fiddle around with the possibilities to see if it fits your needs. If all else fails, create a new space to fine-tune the permissions.

      See Reporting for an example of restricted viewing access.

  3. I am trying to figure out how to add an image thumbnail to a news page. I have attached the image file to the home page where the news items are created, then follow the manual

    ! image.jpg|thumbnail ! (if I remember correctly, without the spaces of course (wink))

    but then I get an utterly mysterious error message.

    1. A page or news entry has to be created (i.e., saved), before it is possible to attach something. I have amended 4050. Attachments accordingly.

  4. Thanks for these great tips! Is there also a list of all enabled plugins (e.g. calendar) and of the prefixes for outbound URLs?

    1. A list of enabled plugins is not easily generated, and is also a little bit volatile due to incompatibilities of plugins with upgrades of the base product. An implicit list can be deducted by having a look at the full editing help: each plugin adds it's own help pages.

      I am not sure, what you mean by "prefixes for outbound URLs". All URLs, i.e. "web addresses starting with http: or https:", are treated as "external". Confluence-internal references should be written in wiki notation: [PAGENAME]. Does that answer your question?

  5. Hello!

     I was just wondering how do you link something to something within the same page but further down. I am creating a list of things and the website is reather long so I wanna use shortcuts at the begining that lead the user to its correspondant section further down the page... how can I do this? is it possible?? (sad)

    1. Yes, this is possible! Look here.

      Maybe it's easier to use the {toc} macro instead, which gives you an hyperlinked table of content.

  6. Torge, I'd like to share a space with colleagues from outside Jacobs but not with the public (anonymous). Is that possible? Thanks, Ben.

    1. Currently, no, sorry.

      We had a "closed beta", so to speak, with this functionality, provided by a plugin, though with limited maintainability. Alas, with updating Confluence the plugin broke, hence no invites are possible anymore.

      We started a feature request to include the "invite" plugin as a supported and maintained core product. Please cast your vote at to increase the likelihood of implementation to enable the requested feature.

  7. As administrator of a space I gave people rights to create new pages or comments. Is there any possibility I did not find yet that these people can also remove only their own pages/comments? I guess that would be really an important function.

    1. Such a function is not available.

      Though, removed pages (don't know about news or comments) end up in a trash bin accessible by the space administrator, hence can be retrieved upon misuse.