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General Services

Several services are offered to IT users at Jacobs University:

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  1. wo finde ich die Mailing Lists - ich suche seit geraumer Zeit und finde sie schlicht nicht!

      1. Oder hier im Space links im Navigationsmenü unter "Links" -> "More...", dann Email.

  2.  @Teamwork: Is it possible to remove the annoying facebook - like button from individual spaces? 

  3. Dear IT team, I would like to suggest a small change – which I see as an improvement – to these wiki pages regarding the "comments" sections: new comments go to the bottom of the page/section, I feel like the contrary (new comments to the top) would provide a better experience to the user. That's it. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I've checked the system, there doesn't seem to be any such option, sorry. (sad)