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This is a survival guide for new students at Jacobs University. It gives suggestions, what to do as soon as possible after arrival at Jacobs University with regard to IRC services.

Use this QR code to access this page on your mobile device:


TODO: Set a new CampusNet password

Why?So that only you know your password
Where?Any internet-enabled device, e.g. browsing stations in library
How?Login at CampusNet web interface and change the password
Takes?1 minute
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TODO: Configure eduroam WLAN aka WiFi on your devices

Why?Never enter a password for WiFi again - works around the globe
Where?Anywhere on campus where eduroam WLAN/WiFi is available
How?Follow the appropriate "How To regarding eduroam configuration"
Takes?10 minutes
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TODO: Setup email access

Why?You will have to read and write emails. Lots of. Really!
Where?All of your devices you will use for email
How?Enter the information from "Jacobs Email" on your device(s)
Takes?10 minutes
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TODO: Get Microsoft Office

Why?You'll want Word, Powerpoint, etc. for your studies, also online storage
Where?Anywhere with decent internet connection
How?Follow the information from "Microsoft Office 365 for Jacobs University"
Takes?10 minutes
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TODO: Get Jacobs University CampusNet App

Why?You'll want easy access to CampusNet info on mobile
Where?Anywhere with decent internet connection
How?Visit the Google Android or Apple iOS app store and install the app
Takes?2 minutes
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