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About the Undergraduate Student Government

The official and public space for all work of the Undergraduate Student Government at Jacobs University.

It operates based on The Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body.

TODO: Include Working Projects

Contact us

You can reach out to the president and vice-president as well as the College Representatives at all times. We are always open for your input and feedback on our proceedings. There are numerous different channels of communication available to you:

  • Talk to us!
  • Send us an e-mail: <TBA>
  • Comment below!
  • Join meetings!


Parliament Meetings

Every Wednesday at 8.45pm in the Nordmetall Conference Room


The Parliament

Contact all members of parliament via:

The Student Court

Currently not established.




The Budget

Plans / Projects / Statements

A page with USG policies

The Constitution

Handbook (consider this space as handbook and guidelines)

Get engaged! Join a committee!

Hints / HowTos: Turn off Autowatch, Write Agendas, Write Minutes, Apply for Funding, Use the Voting Platform (Start a Student Opinion), etc...

SAC Room



The Structure of the USG

[Many thanks to Colin Rothgang for this organigram.]

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