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According to new regulations by the Bundesministerium für Post und Telekommunikation, sending emails will cost 1 cent per email. Receiving emails will still be free. See E-Mails sollen Porto kosten! (in German) for details.

This will dramatically reduce spam, enable verification of senders, and preserve IT equipment and staff job satisfaction.

To comply with this new federal regulation, sending emails for free will stop at Jacobs University today on April 1st, at 16:00. This is an automated process and can not be stopped. There can be no exceptions. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

To compensate for the administrative overhead and technical measures, Jacobs University will charge 1,4 ct per email sent. Pre-payment options will be available soon. Discussions with Financal Aid for appropriate packages are underway.

Overpayment will not be refunded, but collected until next April 1st. You can vote on, where the University will send overpayments to:

Update Apr 1st, 16:40

Due to the short time frame given, implementing the new cash-in system could not be achieved today. Deployment has to be moved to one of the next April Fools' Days. Any money cashed in so far was spent on sending out emails today, there are no leftovers.

Happy Easter!