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The measurement Predicament

by Aiman Al-Eryani
Former physics society member -and President- helps the new year start in the best possible way by blessing us with the gift of knowledge.

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Intergalacting screening:

Physics society members gathered to watch Luke Skywalker defy physics laws

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Solving interesting problems in even more interesting ways:

by Fahrudin Delic
Life changing talk where we learned what would happen to earth's angular velocity if the british started driving on the right side of the road.

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Blackboards got heated when Physics society faced Math society in a marvelous display of computation habilities. 

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Thinking about relativity:

By Deepak Aryal.
Exploring what an observed would feel and see when traveling at relativist speeds. 

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Physics Quiz night:

Physics-society members showing their competitive spirit when competing in teams to become the kahoot Kings/Queens

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How to write your first lab report in latex:

by Bibek Bhujel
Enlightening talk where the attendees realized there is more in this world than Word.

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Romance of Black Holes and Time Travel