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Comment: singled out instructions for JACOBS WiFi, updated step with downloaded profiles

Please visit the eduroam CAT page for Jacobs University Bremen and download the installation tool.

(info) For this step you need a working Internet connection, please connect via cable or use the "JACOBS" WiFi on campus without login.

titleApple recommendation:

If you already have an old eduroam configuration on your iPhone or iPad, it is recommended that you first delete the old WiFi "eduroam":

  1. Go to Settings - Wi-Fi, long press the (info) behind the eduroam network and "forget" this network.
  2. Go to Settings - Profile, and remove the stored eduroam profile.
  3. Restart your device

Now continue with the proposed workflow.

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(info) For this step you need a working Internet connection, please use your mobile plan or a different WiFi connection, for instance the "JACOBS" WiFi on campus without login.

titleIf you are using the JACOBS WiFi on campus

If you use the "JACOBS" WiFi on campus, do not log in, click on the link "Follow this link" in the text:

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You will reach this page:

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Click on "Configure eduroam on iPhone/iPad (iOS) using CAT"

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Click on "the DFN eduroam CAT page for Jacobs University Bremen" (which is this very page you are reading right now!)

Now click on the link in the very first line of this document to visit the the eduroam CAT page for Jacobs University Bremen and download the installation tool.


Click on "Do you have an account at this Institution?" button


Click on the "Download installer for Apple iOS mobile devices (iOS 7 and above)" button.

You will see a prompt, that the profile has been downloaded and can be reviewed in the Profiles section of the System Settings. Go back, and click on "downloaded Profiles".

Click on "Install"

Click on "Install".