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Upon your arrival at Jacobs University, you will receive your CampusNet account. CampusNet is also known as Jacobs University's "University Information System". You will get you CampusNet account and password via house snail mail, or from your office of the Dean.

(info) (info) CampusNet is maintained by the CampusNet team, which is NOT part of IT. For contact information please see the page campusnetpublic


The JACOBS user account is completely driven by the CampusNet application, your username and password in the Windows "JACOBS" domain are the same as your CampusNet credentials as described above.

(tick) (tick) On the login screen to your JACOBS domain computer, ensure that you select the JACOBS domain in the selection box, NOT the local computer. For more details see How to login with the JACOBS domain account.


The comprehensive list of Jacobs University's mailing lists is available at If you would like to know which lists you are on, follow the procedure at How to know which mailing lists you are subscribed to. Everyone at Jacobs University can setup and run mailing lists. See Utilizing Mailing Lists for details.

(info) (info) Lists are usually not administrated by IT. If you browse to a mailing lists' information page, in the footer is the list of administrators' addresses. Please contact them upon inquiries. See Utilizing Mailing Lists for a comprehensive discussion of mailing lists at Jacobs University.


Some services, especially file server access and access to third party digital resources (aka ebooks), are only available while connected to Jacobs University's network. If you are off campus, you can use VPN Access to access those servicsservices. The VPN account is the same as your CampusNet account.

Microsoft Office Software

Jacobs University has Microsoft Office licensed for staff. If your computer was provided by IT, Microsoft Office is already installed. If the computer you are using was bought by Jacobs University, but not provided by IT, you can get Microsoft Office from the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.  If you would like to install Microsoft Office on your privately owned computer, please see Microsoft Office 365 for Jacobs University for detailsDownload for Employees and Students for details.

Microsoft Office 365

Jacobs University has access to Microsoft Office 365. This includes "OneDrive for Businss" online storage, synced across devices, and web-based viewing and editing of Microsoft Office documents, even at the same time with others. "Skype for Business" is also available for employees to conduct video and/or audio calls and conferences, including text chats, and screen sharing. For details, please see Microsoft Office 365 for Jacobs University.


Usually, Jacobs University members have a telephone available, including a voice box. To access the voice box, dial 4900; a PIN code is required. In addition, there is a web interface to the "Xpressions" system (available only on campus) to access the voice box, forward fax messages, configure the phone etc. A password is used to access the Xpressions system.


There are regular server Maintenance Hours on Thursdays from 7 to 8am, services might be unavailable during this time without prior announcement.

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