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When first reading the ads in the newspapers or internet they might seems impossible to understand. But after some time, you will become a professional in deciphering all the different ads.

Here are some German housing terms and abbreviations normally used:

2 Zi.-Whg = two-room apartment
2 ZKBB = 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony
3 ZKDB = three rooms plus kitchen, hallway, bath
Abstand = you have to buy some of the fixtures and furnishings
DG (Dachgeschoss) = loft apartment
EBK (Einbauküche) = built-in kitchen
EG (Erdgeschoss) = ground floor
HH (Hinterhaus) = back of the house (might have little light)
K (Kaution) = deposit
NR (Nichtraucher) = non-smokers
Kalt = heating costs are not included
KM (Kaltmiete) = (cold rent)
KN = kitchenette
Nachmieter = tenant who takes over an old lease
NMM (Nettomonatsmiete) = net monthly rent (plus costs for heating, electricity, gas, water, waste disposal)
MVZ (Monatliche Vorauszahlung) = rent in advance
Prov. (Provision) = commission
qm (Quadratmeter)= square metre (size of the apartment)
TG (Tiefgarage) = underground garage
VH (Vorderhaus) = front of the house
WG (Wohngemeinschaft) = shared flat
WBS erford. (Wohnberechtigungsschein) = subsidised housing only rented to holders of a special permit (WBS)
Wfl. (Wohnfläche) = living space
WM (Warmmiete) = warm rent (this is the cold rent plus additional cost)
Zi (Zimmer) = room(s)
ZH (Zentralheizung) = central heating
zzgl. NK = plus extra charges (heating, electricity, etc.)

further glossary can be found at (A-L) and (M-Z)