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  1. Jacobian`s Call: Park, SarangMele, Crystal
    1. The witty articles shining light upon Jacobs students life,
    2.  e.g. "A tell-all of a BCCB Major"
    3. current articles: 
      1. MUN 
  2. Alumni Chapter: Hamdan, HelenaMele, Pavli
    1. The stories of our pioneers.
    2. e.g.:
    3. current articles: 
  3. Faculty Voice: Hussain, RaahemPark, Sarang
    1. Contributions from Faculty, our academic parents.
    2. e.g.:
    3. current articles: 
  4. Outside the Bubble: Hamdan, Helena 
    1. Articles that are not necessarily campus related
    2. e.g. "Peterson Interview"
    3. current articles: 
      1. Techno Revolutionaries
  5. Humans/People of Jacobs: Nuqi, AirinHussain, Raahem
    1. Coordinate with Interviews with people on campus, coordinate with the Humans of Jacobs team to have their articles published in the Newspaper as well
    2. Interviews with people on campus 
    3. e.g.
    4. current articles:
  6. Art Section: Hysi, Martina
    1. Any art related contributions: poems, short-stories, etc. 
    2. e.g. "The monsters inside us"
    3. current articles: 
      1. “Do you hear the people sing?” Parody


  7. Late Schönebecker: Hamdan, HelenaMele, Crystal
    1. Upcoming and past events, advertisements.
    2. e.g. JSC, TEDx articles
    3. current articles: 
      1. STEM Slam
      2. J-Capella 

Stem Slam

Ocurrence: monthly/bi-weekly

The ‘Duck Post’ is open to all types of articles coming from the Jacobs Community members.

Ideally, the articles should be about something related to Jacobs that one cannot find somewhere else (e.g. official newsletters). Hence, preference will be given to this type of articles.

After submission, the Editorial Team will decide on whether to send back the article for significant changes, or to slightly edit the content. The latter editing shall be done in a google doc by the author, based on the editors’ comments.


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