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  • Do you find the meeting environment comfortable?
  • Too serious? Could be more relaxed?
  • Do you like the locations of the meetings? (Research Hall III Lecture Hall and Seminar Rooms?)
  • Or do you think meetings should be in a more informal place (e.g: MMR, Lounge?)
  • Has the time for meetings 7:15 Saturdays been appropriate?
  • Is having one meeting every week alright?
  • Or should meetings be done biweekly?

Regarding the talks:

  • The weekly talk routine?
  • Do you enjoy the presentations?
  • Have the topics been too difficult?
  • Or too easy?
  • Or off topic?
  • Have the presenters been good enough?
  • What about the duration of the talks? (capped at two hours)

  • Too long?

  • Or too short?

  • Do you feel the time limit is often violated?

  • Should we invite professors to present more often?

  • As a presenter, did you enjoy presenting?