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Talks poll (those ready to be presented sometime):   

  • Introduction to the Standard Model of Modern Cosmology (Aiman)
  • Gauge Theory (Aiman)
  • Fuzzy Physics - Doing and deriving physics with fuzzy maths (Ugne) 

  • General Relativity Marathon (Weekly Seminar) (Aiman) - in Progress every Saturday

Talks in progress (presenter not yet ready/still needs time to prepare):

  • Causality (Ugne)
  • Extinguishing Fire with Sound (Roshan)
  • Drama-stripped Physics of Black Holes and Time Travel (Aiman)
  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics - Remastered (Aiman)
  • Symplectic geometry in Physics (Deepak)
  • The Problem of Quantisation (Aiman)


  • (More on) Quantum Computing

  • Chaos
  • Ostrogradsky's Theorem on Hamiltonian Instability
  • Singularity Theorems and the Big Bang
  • Blackhole Information Paradox
  • Causality

Talks presented already: