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Schedule Current Topics in Data Engineering 2019 

Tu   3. 9.  2019   9:45    Stefan Kettemann,  Introduction,  Lecture Hall Research III

Fr    13. 9.            9:45  Katja Windt,  Dirk Lieftucht, SMS  Digital  Lecture Hall Research II

SMS Data Challenge 3.0

Data Science meets Steel Industry – an exciting match of heavy metal and high tech

for details click on the DE Blog

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Tu 17. 9. 2019    9:45  Marc-Thosten Hütt, Bio-Informatics and Systems Biology, Lecture Hall Research III

Fr  20. 9.           9:45  Peter Zaspel, Machine Learning in Scientific Computing,   Lecture Hall Research II

Tu 24. 9. 2019   9:45 Agostino Merico, Analysis of Complex Ecological and Social Systems, Lecture Hall Research III

time tba                               Stefan Kettemann, Data Engineering for the Energy Transition

Fr  27. 9.           9:45    Peter Baumann, Analytics on Big Data Cubes in Science and Engineering  Lecture Hall Research II

Tu 1. 10. 2019    9:45   Lecture Hall Research III

Fr 4.10.             9:45      Lecture Hall Research II

Tu 8. 10. 2019    9:45 Lecture Hall Research III

Fr  11.10.          9:45   Lecture Hall Research II

Tu 15. 10. 2019    9:45 Vikram Unnithan, Angelo Pio Rossi, Joachim Vogt,  Earth and Space Sciences: Big Geo-data Lecture Hall Research III

Fr  18.10.          9:45  Lecture Hall Research II

time tba                          Sergey Kosov, Machine Learning in Computer Vision

Tu 22.10.          9:45    Tutorial  on  Writing the term paper and Preparing  the Poster  Lecture Hall Research III

Fr   25.10.           9:45    HR Forecast,  Data Engineering in NLP  Lecture Hall Research II

Tu   29.10.           9:45   Giuseppe Abreu, Communication Theory Lecture Hall Research III

Fr  22.11.         12:00-14:00      Poster presentation by Data Engineering students in the  East Wing ICC


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