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Maintained facilities include offices, labs, teaching rooms, library, guest house, serveries, social rooms, kindergarten, campus residences.

Personnel and areas of responsibilities are:

WhoStaffPrimary Areas of ResponsibilityWResponsibility
D. AdlerD.AdlerWindows servers and applications, central backupWibackup, follow-me printing
H. BischoffTelephony systems and applications, mobile phones and contracts, data and telephony cabling, infrastructure projects
S. BotterNetwork, Linux servers and applications, virtualization, storage, server rooms and hardware
S. LiescheUser support, Windows desktop lifecycle, student assistants
T. Schmidt Management, CampusNet to Active Directory integration, programming and scripting, and everything else. And IRC/Library and IRC/Multimedia ircmmc.

If you are looking for IT support, please see IT Support for self-service help and Service Desk for Faculty and Staff and or Service Desk for Students for contact details.

More information about the areas of operations of IRC-IT are given on the page About IRC- IT Department. The page Reporting shows historical data and trends, but requires login. Statistics November 2006 gives nice graphs of architecture distributions.