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This site can be used for collaborative online work within Jacobs University. See Possible Uses of this Site for ideas and uses. For an introduction to collaborative online working, have a look at What's a wiki and the Feature Tour of Confluence, the software that drives this site.


This is a collaboration environment. Everyone at Jacobs University can use it to work together on common tasks!

Because Confluence tracks page change history, it is easy to see who has changed what, and to reverse any edits if required.

Using it

titleDynamic Content

Information is presented depending on your login status. You can access more information, if you are logged in.

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If you don't know how to login, look at How to login to teamwork.

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(thumbs up) You are logged in!

Tutorials for this tool are available at Confluence Tutorials.

A first set of documentation for this system is compiled at Confluence Documentation.

You should check Tips and Tricks for Confluence for enhancing productivity and avoiding pitfalls.

Often asked questions, also known as FAQs, with answers, can be found at FAQs.

As with any software, there are quirks and rough edges; knowing and aoviding them can save time. Current issues with Confluence are listed at Known Errors of Confluence.

Operation of this service is governed by Teamwork Service.


(plus) This system can be accessed from all over the Internet! That means, anyone in the world can access information you publish, without logging in, if you configure it that way.
(minus) This system can be accessed from all over the Internet! That means, anyone in the world can access information you do not protect appropriately.
(thumbs up) It's your power and responsibility to publish or hide information as necessary! See Security Overview and Groups to use for assigning permissions.

titleOpen or closed? It's your call.

Confluence gives you the choice to make the the information you publish as open or as closed as you wish.

Jacobs University Department's Information

The following Jacobs University departments use this site for information distribution. Look at their spaces (names in red denote information not available to the public):