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If you need more information regarding housing please contact 


Natalia Rabota with:

  • Your name
  • Whether you plan to live on or off campus
  • Whether you are looking for a furnished or a non furnished room
  • and; other information relevant to housing.

NB: Vasile Natalia cannot guarantee that you will receive a spot on campus because there are limited spaces available and currently none available.  Also he she cannot guarantee a room for you somewhere off-campus.   He  She is only volunteering to help Graduate Students become acquainted with the on-campus housing problem at Jacobs University and to provide information for opportunities living off-campus.   He  She does not take responsibility for the correctness of these offers, only collects them from University mailing lists.   He  She also does not act as a broker. If you are interested in an offer, please contact the designated person who posted the offer for the best results.