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Using communication services, including accessing emails and other data as described on this page, require a network connection. Network connections via telecom service providers cost money. Regularly accessing, synchronizing, and downloading emails and other data over a network provided by a telecom service provider costs A LOT OF MONEY! Doing this while roaming outside your home contry costs EVEN MORE THAN A LOT OF MONEY!


(tick) (Haken) Employing Jacobs' WiFi/WLAN Access is free and does not require login to establish a network link.

(plus) (Plus) Best setup the synchronization while on campus and accessing Jacobs' WLAN, to ensure that everything works and synchronization can be performed before leaving campus.

(lightbulb) (Glühbirne) A WLAN-capable mobile phone is recommended.

(minus) (Minus) "Mail for Exchange" on a client device (i.e., mobile phone) only allows to synchronize with a single Exchange server account. You can not configure synchronization with Jacobs Email and other service providers employing the same Microsoft technology (e.g., Google Mail) at the same time.

(warning) (Warnung) Upon first, full synchronization, either the server or the mobile phone will determine the complete set of contacts and calendar entries. The other system's data will be erased and overwritten! Choose wisely which has precedence! Usually, the server takes precedence, but...

(tick) (Haken) the on-screen messages thoroughly and check all synchronization options before starting full synchronization!

(plus) (Plus) You can determine, which service(s), email, calendar, contacts, tasks, you will synchronize between Jacobs Email server and your device, though this might be limited by the device and it's software.

(lightbulb) (Glühbirne) If all else fails: read the documentation!




free text, e.g. jacobs-university


your JACOBS account, i.e. CampusNet user name


the CampusNet password

Server Name

Server URL



Secure Connection


Port Number

Standard (i.e., 443)

Connection Method

"Mail for Exchange"

(info) (Info) Different devices ask different subsets of the configuration data. Use those which are applicable.


Follow the article How to Configure Windows Mobile 6 Smartphones for Microsoft Exchange using the configuration information as given above.

(warning) (Warnung) Beware of the synchronization direction!


Especially, at "Settings", "Mail, Contacts, CalendarPasswords & Accounts", "Add Accounts", select "Add Account" and fill the details as given above.Exchange" , enter "Email Adress" , Description e.g. "Jacobs", Next and then press "Configure Manually". Enter your Campusnet Password and click on "Next". Enter Server "". Username is your campusnet Account with Click on "Next".

The resulting settings screen on iPhone and iPad looks like this:


(warning) (Warnung) Again, beware of the costs your mobile phone provider charges you for data connections!