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  • Browse to the list of Jacobs University mailing lists.
  • Pick any list you are definitely subscribed to (e.g., jacobs-talk) and click on the link.
  • On the bottom of the list information page, in the "Subscribers" section, enter your email address in the area before the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button, and press that button.
  • On After login, on the resulting "member options for user..." page, enter your list password to login to the list. If you don't know your password, hit the "Remind" button in the "Password reminder" section below, and you'll get your list password sent to you by email. 
  • On the resulting "list membership configuration for..." page, in the section "Your other subscriptions", is a button "List my other subscriptions".
  • Hit that button and you get a list of mailing lists you are subscribed to, including links to the member option pages of each list.
  • You might want to edit your membership options of any of the lists by clicking on the provided link. Each list requires you to enter a different password, just follow the procedure of this guide or see How to know your mailing list password.