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  • December 10, 2009

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Table of Contents

GSA Meeting, on Dec. 10, 2009 from 12.30 to 14.00 at SAC Meeting Room.

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Meeting Participants

Ankur, Marion, Sneza, Rafael, Rose, Fulya, Ksenia







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Funding guidelines (30 min)

Review of the funding application document. That the event should benefit the Graduate community. People applying should always submit the document created for the applications. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. They have to submit a printed version also (no matter if they come to the meeting to present the application or not). Or submit to the Treasurer before the meeting. It should reach the GSA Executive Board 15 days before the event takes place, so that there is time for the Board to discuss the application in the weekly meeting. If not, it could also be submitted afterwards, with a good reason in special cases. It should also be explicit that we do not fund events that have already taken place. If the application exceeds 200 EUR it should be presented at the weekly GSA meeting. The Board can decide to demand further clarifications per Email or even to be present at the meeting in specific events. The clarification of the decision will be sent per Email at the latest one day afterwards with amount funded. If it is a University wide event, it can also be funded. The voting will take place in front of the applicants when they present their application in the meeting. Issue of putting a limit to the funding applications of specific community events, not for University-wide events. Other technical issues will be discussed online. The GSA Executive Board will comment by Tuesday on the funding guidelines.

Excess budget funding application (10 min)

Theater Space: Rene Wels (College Office) presented the application. There is no real theater in Jacobs University. The project has been going on for over a year. They have some support from the University, but they have no money now. So they need external money. Some people have donated until 9000 EUR from external funding. The Undergrads funded 5000 EUR. Until now they have 20000 EUR for the initial phase. Afterwards they would need more money for costumes, etc. Graduate involvement in performing arts would be important. There are many community events and activities that can take place in the theater. It is important to involve the Grads in the Jacobs Community. There are already some Grads interested and involved in performing arts. They ask for 3000 EUR. A theater club will be created. There is a fee to be a member of Theater Space. No rent, electricity or water will be payed for. International venues could be organized. Even event fees of 1 or 2 EUR could go directly to the Space. Stage Light Crew will have a home at the Theater Space and will train the next generation of people using the equipment. The space will be allocated to different groups. It will be bookable in advance. The goal is to have it open by the end of February. All the Graduates will be involved in deciding how to allocate the excess budget. This will be no problem for the project, because it can start in February very modestly and then be further developed. The GSA Executive Board will put together the proposals for the use of the excess budget.

Elections and January tasks (10 min)

The last meeting of the semester will be the 17th of December. We need to sum up the semester and some January tasks. We can resume the meeting in the middle of January (21st).
Tasks for January:
a) Putting content on the new website of the GSA
b) New elections of the Executive Board will take place in February, with new open positions for the Graduate students. So in January there will be nominations and call for candidates, etc. (1-6 February). 6-8 acceptance of nominations. 8th announcement. 8-11 of January campaigning. Assembly on the 11th of February and the elections are from 11-14 of February. So on the 15th there should the announcement of the new Board. Afterwards, 1 transition week for finishing projects when there will be no regular work of the Board. The convening meeting will be on the 16th of February, the official first Board meeting with the introduction of the new Board. These would be the suggestions of the GSA Executive Board for the Election Tribunal.
c) The current Executive Board will finish its projects. Every Board member will submit their report on their activities. Including comments and suggestions. In the end, the Secretary will compile the projects of the whole Board for public presentation. The deadline will be January 21st, each person will write one page with its own evaluation and on the general opinion of the Board work. There will also be a feedback meeting.
d) Call for the Election Tribunal – when and who will do this? It will be announced in January before the January 21st meeting. This Tribunal should be present in this meeting. Minimum 2 people, that are not running.

New Logo and New Website (10 min)

We need a concrete timeline for the new logo to put it in the website, etc. A Graduate student should do this, with a reward (a cash voucher or so). The logo suggestions will be voted by the Graduate students in February. Rafael will take care of the logo issue, presenting it to the students so that they submit their logo proposals.
The excess budget issue will also be voted by the Graduates. Until January 15th, the proposals can be sent to the GSA Executive Board and will be presented in the General Assembly (together with the candidates and the achievements of the current Board). In the end, the students will vote for this.
The new website: we should find the main purpose of the website.

Yearbook (5 min)

They want to have 3-4 pages on Graduate life. Pictures of events, partys, etc. Text, maybe even interviews of Grads, etc. Deadline is January 10th. Rose and Ksenia will write something. Information from the Fall Semester. Also an article about the GSA EB. Students should be asked to give us information, interesting issues, etc.

Student complaints (5 min)

Someone complained that people working in the IRC are not Jacobs Students. Rose will inquire this.

Miscellaneous (5 min)

The past AC Meeting information. There will be a network system in the whole Jacobs Campus to print with the campus card. This should be working in the beginning of next semester. Research IV has a room for facilities with scanning for Graduate students. Three Researches do not have scanning facilities. One does.
The response to the Campus Jobs issue is that they will promote to be more specific with jobs. But there will not be any specific policy.
The Program Representatives idea was well received in the AC. And it could be implemented since February.
Graduation issue: they will take into account our proposals. The keynote speaker will be a Nobel Peace Prize.












Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Dec. 17th, 2009 from 13.00 to 14.00 at SAC Meeting Room.