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Service Customer

Jacobs University Graduate Student AssociationCounseling Center.

This SLA has been agreed upon on (info) FIXME November December , Day 2009.

Service User

Jacobs University Graduate Student Association: Jessica Price.
The Service User provides the server administrator, by agreement in the SLA this task is done by IRC-IT.

Service Continuity

The service is provided until end of November December 2010.

Service Availability


In case of system breakdown, the Service Provider provides a clean opering operating system installation. In addition, the last file system copy of the mentioned directories is recovered. The Service User restores all application(s) to a running and available instance. The Service User recreates the server configuration, the application, the database, and data files with the restored data.


Monthly availability numbers of the SSH, MYSQL and HTTP services as reported by IRC-IT's monitoring system.