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We have replaced the Toshiba printers with Konica Minolta printers on Oktober 26th and 27th

Therefore the printer name has changed to QpilotKonica.

This change will not automatically update your already installed QpilotToshiba printer and you need to install the QpilotKonica printer.

After Oktober 27th you can safely delete/uninstall the QPilotToshiba printer.

If you are working on a Jacobs JACOBS domain computer, you need to be logged in with your Jacobs JACOBS user account.

If instead you are working on any other Windows computer, you need to authenticate yourself with your Jacobs JACOBS user account upon connecting to the print server !


  • Open an Explorer window (not Internet Explorer, but only Explorer, keyboard shortcut Windows-E), e.g. "My Computer"
  • in the "Address" bar enter (or copy & paste from here): \\
  • a new window opens, listing shares and printers
  • double-click on "QpilotKonica"
  • eventually, a window pops up to install the printer, click "Yes" and wait a few seconds
  • a window pops up showing the printer queue