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Dear computer user at Jacobs University,

welcome to Jacobs University and it's rich and diverse IT world!

IT ircit as the central IT department of Jacobs University provides you with a wide array of technology and services in the area of information technology and telecommunication at Jacobs University.

These pages will give you the most important information to get you started using our services and technology. Also, most relevant procedures and policies are laid out, please consider them carefully. Jacobs University and especially IRC-IT is still an evolving environment. Please expect changes in service and infrastructure during your stay.

Latest information regarding IT's services can be found on the IT home page at Feel free to explore. You can stay tuned by reading or subscribing the IT Blog at

All the best for your stay at Jacobs University,
Dr. Torge Schmidt, CTO


(info) CampusNet is maintained by the CampusNet team, which is NOT part of IT. For contact information please see the page campusnetpublic


See Jacobs Email for more information about email at Jaocbs Jacobs and How to configure MS Outlook 2003 for Jacobs Email for Tos regarding Emails for configuration help.

Mailing Lists


Generally, there is no pre-requisite for connecting a device. Computers issued by IT are correctly pre-configured. If you bring your own computer, use "Automatic Configuration" or "DHCP Configuration" for getting network parameters of Jacobs University upon connection.

WLAN WiFi access is possible without prior registration, but requires login with the JACOBS account. The recommended network to use is eduroam as it automatically works at many places in the world. See WiFi/WLAN Access for details.


Jacobs University has access to Microsoft Office 365. This includes "OneDrive for Businss" online storage, synced across devices, and web-based viewing and editing of Microsoft Office documents, even at the same time with others. "Skype for Business" is also available for employees to conduct video and/or audio calls and conferences, including text chats, and screen sharing. For details and more services, please see Microsoft Office 365 for Jacobs University.


You will get the voice box PIN and the Xpressions password from your predecessor or team assistant. Please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff, if the PIN or password can not be retrieved.

titleWeb Address of Xpressions

The URL to access phone configuration is

Access to Xpressions using the phone is documented here. All telephone manuals can be found at Telephony Device Manuals.


The procurement procedure for small computer accessories like network cables is explained at How to obtain computer accessories. IT does not sell or lend computer accessories.

This very teamwork system is implementing a wiki and blog and is a great tool for cooperation and collaboration in your daily work. You can also create your personal wiki home space easily. Other uses are sketched at Possible Uses of this Site. Logging in requires the CampusNet user name and password.

This very teamwork system is also used for providing collaboration space for courses. At the beginning of a semester, a workspace can be requested for a course, and instructors and students are automatically enlisted. It can be used for providing additional teaching material in excess to CampusNet, for group work, as a calendar, bookmarks, etc.

titleConfluence Tutorials

You can teach yourself by following the Confluence Tutorials.