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  • FAQs about first-year internships in the life sciences

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  • If you know now which city you would like to be in, try to search for places there: try the websites of the university and other research institutes that are close by.
  • If you have a firm idea of which field you would like to be in, you can use the suggestions on the How-to-find page to identify a lab.
  • Other than that, perhaps the best thing is to talk to people and ask them where they have been happy, or look at the Life Sciences Alumni Space to find out where people have been for internships or graduate school, and apply to the same labs or institutions. This is an advantage because they will already know Jacobs, and you won't have to explain how well qualified you are. One example is the graduate program in Göttingen: .
  • Research groups here on campus may be taking first-year interns too; talk to individual professors.