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  • Talks List (2017-2018)
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Talks ready to be presented sometime:   

  • Fuzzy Physics - Doing and deriving physics with fuzzy maths (Ugne) 
  • Interactive Simulations (Aiman)

  • Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Kiran)



Talks in progress (presenter not yet ready/still needs time to prepare):

  • General Relativity Marathon (workshop) (Aiman, Kiran, Daniel)

  • Clifford Algebras (if differential form language is calculus on steroids, then Clifford Algebras is differential forms on steroids! ) (Aiman)

Talks wishlist (please add topics here you’d like to learn about, but don’t necessarily want to present them yourself. Put your name for the topics you suggest. If you’d like to present on one of the topics suggested by anyone, feel free to move it to one of the lists above and tag it with your name):


  • Noether’s theorem in depth (Aiman)

  • Quantum Computing - how it works(Aiman) Wish granted by Kiran!

  • Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation (Aiman): found a nice concise paper on it

Talks presented already:  

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