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  • Meeting 2007 April 12
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  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: GSA Lounge


This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting. The version that was announced three days before the meeting can be found in the


  1. Environmental campaign for Bulgaria - voting
  2. Intercultural Campus survey - Alexis and Zeynep
  3. Choosing the speech for the graduation ceremony and the discussions
  4. On-Campus room allocation for graduates - Ravi
  5. The Diploma issue update - Marcella
  6. Update on the clubs space - Ardita
  7. Charta working groups updates -
  8. Introduction to Wiki Space - Chirstoph
  9. Graduate Journal initiative - Ardita
  10. Working space for MA students - update by an old board member
  11. Decide on who is going to follow the Student Court involvment
  12. Graduate student of the year - who will be in charge to organize it.
  13. Budget - Darya
  14. President's visit to SAC - agenda, and the logistics
  15. Voting on the ODC funding request


  • GSA Board Members:
    1.  Ardita
    2. Christoph
    3. Chunli
    4. Darya
    5. Yana
    6. excused: Rakina, Nesrin
  • GSA Council Members:
  • Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs
    or committees such information is registered as well)
    1. Yuliya Salauyova
    2. Magda
    3. Marcella
    4. Hrishikesh Ventakaram
    5. Alexis
    6. (and colleague)
  • Minutes taken by: Chunli Zhao


(in the order of the agenda)

  1. Environmental campaign for Bulgaria - voting

The person is not present, apply for 50 ero to protect environment in Bulgaria. the reason for application is not clear. the environment campaign is a global thing and undergraduate government should also be involved in surpport the funding.

We will invite the person for next meeting and have a look at the detailed activities, cost, and who participated in the campaign.

2.    Intercultural Campus survey - Alexis and Zeynep

working with counciling center, covering the issues students, faculties, professors have

15 interviews,  come up with cultural shock, academic styles, languages, and etc.

create better communications on compus, the data collection will happen next semester, marketing the survey, during orientation week the president will send out, professors will mention about the 

ask GSA to support. three surveys for undergraduate, graduate and professors. what type of issues that GSA would like to cover in the survery for graduate students. integredi of graduates and undergraduate comminunities, socializing of graduat, food (when working late no sandwiches, take away coffee). Evaluation of the professors for  graduate students, on compus job location, for ph.d students that come from different culture. the  resident permit, the evaluate of the professor's supervision. if you have more comments please contact them directly.

3.    Choosing the speech for the graduation ceremony and the discussions

The format of the three speeches are not the same, as a result the decision is to ask for full speech with language check, and GSA will have a interview and give decision on Monday. (however, the decision was refused because the candidates don't have time.)

4.    On-Campus room allocation for graduates - Ravi

Ravi is not here. The issue will be discussed next time when Ravi is here.

5.    The Diploma issue update - Marcella

present at AC, questions have been raised, 17th April the internal AC meeting will have all our points of diploma issue. Until now it seems that for those who graduate this year will have a difference and nice diploma.

6.    Update on the clubs space - Ardita

We are going to have new music room, gym, the only problem is the dancing room and martial arts room. they will be the same 

7.     Charta working groups updates -

the result has been updated online. The next step is to come up with the detailed information for each parts.

8.    Introduction to Wiki Space - Chirstoph

There are two spaces available, one is for public, and one is only for GSA board members.  Detailed information is posted online

9.    Graduate Journal initiative - Ardita

The journal is setup, and in the future whey will apply fund from GSA.

10.    Working space for MA students - update by an old board member


11.    Decide on who is going to follow the Student Court involvment

Chunli, Christoph, Darya, and Yana. Things to discuss: Which cases against graduates have been there before? (Note that only a graduate General Assembly can take a final decision.)

12.    Graduate student of the year - who will be in charge to organize it.

Yana is going to in charge of this.

Ardita will make a draft plan of making a drop in hours in GSA.

13.    President's visit to SAC - budget, agenda, and the logistics

the budget for president visit, Yana and Darya prepare a table of snacks/drinks and prices for Marita Hartnack

Ardita has prepared a general presentation. More suggestions wanted: How do we see ourselves, what are our strengths/weaknesses/which concerns do graduates have? Clear message; be specific! Yana and Darya will make the slides, and Chunli will be available for help for rehearse.

14.    Voting on the ODC funding request

request for 200 euro. for the performance, a real show in IRC. for advertisement, costume, accessories. no total budget.   The event had big impact last year, and it apeard in the local newspaper. But no total budget, the vote will happen when we budget.

To ask a total budget in the application form. 

15.     Rock party

They didn't provide any application form.

16.    Career service

Anne Rehmet approached GSA regarding career services for graduates. At American universities, students organize career service events for themselves. Past survey was not a great success (8 participants). Darya: "Business Leaders meet IUB" not sufficiently directed to graduates. Therefore, graduates might address companies of interest themselves. Chunli is conducting another survey on the needs for recruitment events in Jacobs university.

17.    One person is needed for  the supervision job of the graduation ball, who looks for everything, and everything goes smoothly. Time: 1st June. One person is needed for magazine. Marcella will help for magazine.

18.    Fund support for the graduate support, 1200-1500 euro. expecting 1500 people to the ball. Standard price is 20 euros. Last year 900 people came to the ball. GSA asks for more detailed financial plan for the ball before making any judgment. One graduate will needed for 5 speech. Three students applied. the decision will be made by Monday at the latest.





Votes (Yes/No/Abst.)

Justification (Charta)



















Ongoings after this meeting

The meeting went too long on Thursday, so a short meeting on  16th April 13:00 -14:00 has taken place.

  1. New furnitures have arrived and have been put in place in Lounge. Chunli is going to sell the old furniture before the President visit.
  2. Fund application for Rock party
    • Decided to give 200 € (120 € for the porters, 80 € for drinks for the bands and helpers) for the Rock Party.
    • The rough bugdet was provided. More money (150 €) for drinks was applied for, but that can only be decided once we know the exact number of band members and helpers; no more than 4 € per person should be given, according to our policies.
    • 6 votes in favor
  3. ODC application
    • Decided to fund the upcoming performance of the Oriental Dance Club with 200 €
    • A proper budget plan has been provided, and we considered the big impact of the event.
    • 5 votes in favor, 1 abstained.
  4. Darya is giong to help for graduation on 2nd and 3rd of June.

Next Meeting 3nd May, 19,30

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  1. Anonymous

    We have not added the discussion on the presentation for the President's visit as well as the budget for that meeting that I will prepare. Darya

  2. Anonymous

    The report on the first meeting of the committee on Charta changes and policies you can see at the GSA forum page:

    I will be present at the board meeting as well.