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Talks poll (those ready to be presented sometime):   

  • Fluid Mechanics - Remastered (Aiman)
  • Gauge Theory (Aiman)
  • Fuzzy Physics - Doing and deriving physics with fuzzy maths (Ugne) 

  • General Relativity Marathon (Weekly Seminar) (Aiman) - in Progress every Saturday

Talks in progress (presenter not yet ready/still needs time to prepare):

  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Information (Khaled)
  • Extinguishing Fire with Sound (Roshan)
  • Symplectic geometry in Physics (Deepak)
  • The Problem of Quantisation (Aiman)

Talks suggestions (please add topics here you’d like to learn about, but don’t necessarily want to present yourself. If you’d like to present on one of the topics suggested by anyone, feel free to move it to one of the lists above and tag it with your name):

  • (More on) Quantum Computing

  • Chaos
  • Ostrogradsky's Theorem on Hamiltonian Instability
  • Singularity Theorems and the Big Bang
  • Blackhole Information Paradox

Talks presented already:  

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  1. To the second years: giving a talk is close to mandatory. Would you not give a talk, expect me over breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. Expect me in your classrooms, in your daydreams, night dreams and in your nightmares. There's no escaping fate now that it has set its eyes on you. You can't run. It's futile. So be a good student and give a talk >=D

    1. I want to clarify for the new members that this only holds for the Physics majors second years. So if you're not a physics student, you needn't worry about me bothering you (I can't really enforce "mandatory" after all) at some point. If you're not a physics major, but you'd still like to give a talk, you're more than welcome! Just add yourself to the list.

  2. I found a very nice page on wikipedia that lists open problems in physics:

    Talks introducing any of these (or even multiple at once) also work and would be quite interesting.

  3. Hi everyone
    Can someone please tell me where are these talks presented?
    My major is Physics, I am a Freshman and I plan on finishing my masters on astrophysics so I was interested in "Introduction to Cosmology" talk.

    1. I think Aiman will send out the e-mail to the mailing list before the event to inform you about the place/time for the talk. No worries:)

    2. Nice! Do you mean that you wish to present the talk yourself, or that you'd like to attend it? The talk is still in the suggestions list, and is one that can be presented in many levels of detail. But if people would like to hear on it soon, I can present on it myself =). It's a very interesting topic, but there's an issue that it might be better to have some familiarity with General Relativity first to get to a satisfactory level of detail.

      If you want to do it, then just move it to the "in progress" list and tag it with your name. Otherwise, let me know, and I will see what I can do.

      But yes, the next Friday's meeting will be introductory, and there will be a couple of shorter talks about internships done during the summer by some of the students. The next, there will be Yiping (hopefully =D) doing a workshop on Latex. Then we will see we can see if the talk on cosmology can be done afterwards.

    3. Wow astrophysics sounds cool (big grin)