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The talk will take place in RIII seminar room on 23rd of november at 19:15.

Notes for this talk are now AVAILABLE (CLICK).

The structure of the talk will be as follows:

  1. An overview of Maxwell's equations with Heaviside-Gibbs vectors
  2. An overview of thermoelectric effects
  3. The evil quaternion division algebra
  4. Reformulating Maxwell's equations with quaternions
  5. A missing piece recovered: the Temporal Field, and its connection to heat
  6. Emerging thermoelectric effects: A unified theory of electrothermomagnetism
  7. Heat capacity, and Seebeck effect and Magnetization

After the introduction to quaternions, the talk is based on a paper by Peter Michael Jack:

The topic is very interesting, and even though this work is not conventional/wildly adopted, there's a lot to learn from it.

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