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We would like to alert and sensities you about the still, actual and always ongoing spam, phishing, phone scam, etc.

Jacobs University is still and always facing a huge spam, scam and phishing wave, because we always have users who fall for it.

So please read and act accordingly:

If you think, you are getting many spam / phishing mails, we have some numbers for you.

On thursday 11/13/2018, for example, we block 85% of all mails send to us.

Which is in numbers:

51000 mails in total.
43000 mails are obviously spam, phishing, containing viruses, etc. and blocked by our external (linux) mail servers.
  9000 mails are forwarded, from our mail servers, to Exchange Online Protection (EOP), before delivery to our internal (exchange) mail server.
  1500 mails are filtered by EOP because of spam, phishing, viruses, etc.

7500 mails are delivered to mailboxes.

~85% is the average of blocked mails, who are obviously spam, phishing, containing viruses, etc..

Beside this automated processes we delete spam / phishing mails manually, if we recognise them.

 But all of this is useless, if you click on any link or attachment you receive without considering what you are doing. 

 Think twice, before opening links or attachments 

Do not give your username and password to anyone

Really (warning) Don't give it away (warning) Don't give your username and password to anyone (warning) Never (warning)