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To avoid confusion regarding roles and terminology the terms 'Customer' and 'User' are used (...) to differentiate between those people (generally senior managers) who commission, pay for and own the IT Services (the Customers) and those people who use the services on a day-to-day basis (the Users). (...)

The primary contact for Customers is either the Service Level Manager or the Business Relationship Manager, while the primary point of contact for Users is the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

It is therefore important to distinguish the different, but related, needs for Users and Customers in the provision of services. Certainly, their goals may be at odds and need to be balanced; for example Users may demand high availability whereas Customers look for value for money at different levels of availability. There are information flows that should be maintained and key process elements that should be defined for use by both parties.

(ITIL Service Delivery, pg. 7)

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