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Jacobs University Bremen offers IT-support service for students, see Service Desk for Students for availability. This document describes the IT-Support Jacobs University offers it's students.

How to contact IT Student Support

The best way to contact the IT Student Support is to write an email to This ensures maximum flexibility in dealing with the request and best accountability. For follow-up-communication please ensure to always include the unmodified ticket number in the subject line as received in the response.

If it is not possible to write an email, you can phone 4667 or even come to the IT Student Support office, Campus Center, room 4-218. These services are only available during IT Student Support office hours.

If you tried repeatedly to contact IT Student Support within the office hours unsuccessfully complain by mail to

The Services of IT Student Support

The IT Student Support deals with the following problems, in the priority as given:

  1. Assistance with detecting and fixing hardware and software problems.
  2. Assistance for installation and configuration of operating systems and application programs.
  3. Assistance on how to use application programs and operating systems.

IT-Support to Jacobs University students is a voluntary service of Jacobs University and is performed by Jacobs University students. There is no entitlement that problems are being solved within a certain time or at all. The service level depends on and is limited to the knowledge of the IT Student Supporter on duty. The range of the services can be changed at any time and without special announcement.

Neither IT Student Support nor Jacobs University can assume any liability for damages to data, software or hardware due to activities of IT Student Support.