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Jacobs University fonts - Utopia (Headlines) and Trade Gothic (Content Text).
These fonts are pre-installed on Jacobs PCs provided by IT.

Download the Utopia Font here for your PC
Utopia is used for priority business media; in facilities, signage and letterhead for example.

Download the Trade Gothic Font here for your PC
Trade Gothic is used in publications and other "informative" media where alot of text will is required.

Arial is still the font to be used for letter writing.


Installing fonts on your PC

1. Unzip the font files
2. Open your System folder (Settings, Control Panel)
3. Open your Font folder
4. Choose File "Install New Font"
5. Choose font from folder you unzipped


Design Guidelines

Short, but everything you need to know about colors and fonts: Styleguide

The official Jacobs University design and identity guidelines to be used can be found in the attached documents (below).





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