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Charta of the Graduate Students Association at Jacobs University Bremen

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Historical Notes

The Charta determines the structure of the GSA; it was formulated in January 2003 by Franziska Deutsch, Günter Rottenfußer, Johannes Rückert and Philippa Söldenwagner. When the graduate student community passed it by referendum, the GSA was officially founded.

In 2007, the Charta was revised by Yuliya Salauyova, Marcella Orwick, Franziska Deutsch, and Jenny Paturyan. (Archive of the discussions)

Discussion Board

Your comments and suggestions about the revised Charta are more than welcome! :-)

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  1. An addition of a paragraph or section outlining the responsibilities of the board towards the general assembly would be very useful. This is especially relevant when the administration makes decisions directly affecting the graduate student community, without actually consulting with the board. (e.g. quota for number of rooms reserved for graduate students in the colleges. i.e. A decision taken by both the academic council of IUB, and the graduate student association board of that period was overturned this summer, unilaterally by the academic council, due to a "statistical mishap that just happened".) In cases like these, the GSA board must be responsible and accountable for future inconveniences and injustices the GSA body may experience. Otherwise there is no point to having an executive board in my opinion. As I understand it, the board was not informed, but did not resolve the issue after the information was made public (mid August) when there was still time to act on it. Looking at the room plan for Krupp college, I can tell at least for this college that there is only 1 graduate student allocated a room (out of 10 that were originally reserved).

    Connected with this criticism may be an addition or clarification to the dissolving part in the end, that described how the process is meant to take place (via collecting signatures, general assembly, online voting etc. etc.), and who would validate the results and so on.

    1. It is important comment. Main responsibilities of the GSA are clearly outlined in the Charta, and it's representation of graduate community's interests towards Administration, Undergraduate Student Body, and Faculty. Which means to defend interests first of all, i would say. It might be a good idea to strengthen this point though.