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Talks poll (those ready to be presented sometime):   

  • Planetary Science: A crossover for natural sciences and engineering (with lots of space for physicists, too...)  (Prof. Angelo Pio Rossi)
  • Fluid Mechanics - Remastered (Aiman)
  • Gauge Theory (Aiman)
  • Fuzzy Physics - Doing and deriving physics with fuzzy maths (Ugne) 

  • General Relativity Marathon (Weekly Seminar) (Aiman) - in Progress every Saturday

Talks in progress (presenter not yet ready/still needs time to prepare):

  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Information (Khaled)
  • Kaluza-Klein Theory (Aiman)
  • Extinguishing Fire with Sound (Roshan)
  • Drama-stripped Physics of Black Holes and Time Travel (Aiman)
  • Symplectic geometry in Physics (Deepak)
  • The Problem of Quantisation (Aiman)

Talks suggestions (please add topics here you’d like to learn about, but don’t necessarily want to present yourself. If you’d like to present on one of the topics suggested by anyone, feel free to move it to one of the lists above and tag it with your name):

  • (More on) Quantum Computing

  • Chaos
  • Ostrogradsky's Theorem on Hamiltonian Instability
  • Singularity Theorems and the Big Bang
  • Blackhole Information Paradox

Talks presented already:  

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