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  • In which country can I attend Medical School?
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Admission to medical school is highly competitive everywhere in the world. You normally stand the best chances of admission in the country whose citizenship you hold. Specifically, it is almost impossible to gain admission to an US medical school if you are not an US citizen or if you have not studied there for at least three years. Most Jacobs graduates who have gone on to medical school have done so in the country of their citizenship.

Some basic considerations to make are:

  • For a non-English speaking country, you must be fluent in the language in order to attend medical school.
  • In Germany and the UK, pre-medical studies take place at the medical school (typically, the Faculty of Medicine at a University). This means that students are already admitted to medical school directly after high school. Transfer credits are notoriously hard to obtain in the German system.
  • If you are a non-EU resident but plan to study in an EU country, there are some things which you must take into account: applying for a new residence permit and health insurance, recognizing that tuition fees are more expensive for non-EU residents, and understanding that the medical degree earned may only be valid in EU-member countries.

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