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Spacetime coordComment
(Sports Hall, Sunday 2/9/18 14:00)Club fair, invitation of new members
(Mercator Servery, Tuesday 4/9/18 18:30)Physics Dinner, introduction of new members
(RIII Lecture Hall, Friday 7/9/18 19:00)Two presentations by Ugne and Aiman on their summer internships
(RIII Lecture Hall, Friday 14/9/18 19:00)Workshop "Scientific Typesetting with LaTeX" by Scott, Deepak, Aiman
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 15/9/18 09:30)General Relativity Marathon Session #1: Warm up
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 28/9/18 19:00)Talk "Hens in the Dimensions" on the topic of Dimensional Analysis by Aiman
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 29/9/18 10:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #2: The First 2 Kilometres - Special Relativity Part 1
(Exit That Leads to Schonebeck Station, Wednesday 3/10/18 11:50)

Excursion: Attending the International Astronautical Congress

(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 6/10/18 14:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #3: Pacing up - Special Relativity Part 2
(Nordmetall MMR, Friday 12/10/18 19:00)Movie Night: "The Man Who Knew Infinity"
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 13/10/18 14:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #4: Flat Spacetime - Special Relativity Part 3
(RIII Seminar Room, Thursday 18/10/18 18:30)Project L: First Secret Meeting
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 19/10/18 19:00)Discussion: The University Physics Competition, PLANCKS and
the Theoretical Physics Olympiad
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 26/10/18 19:00)Physics Nobel Prize 2018 Celebration
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 27/10/18 10:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #5: Review of SR + General Relativity Motivation + The Einstein Equivalence Principle
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 2/11/18 19:15)Presentation "Elucidations of Simulations" on the topic of interactive physics simulations by Aiman
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 3/11/18 11:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #6: Review of the EEP + Mathematics of Manifolds + Tensors
(RIII Seminar Room, Thursday 8/11/18 18:30)Project L: Second Secret Meeting
(Saturday 10/11/18 2:00 - Monday 12/11/19 2:00)University Physics Competition
(Nordmetall MMR, Friday 16/11/18 19:15)Movie Night: "Interstellar"
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 17/11/18 14:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #7: Review of Tensors, Differential Geometry, Operations on Manifolds
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 23/11/18 19:15)Talk "Evil Quaternions and a theory of Electrothermomagnetism" by Aiman
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 24/11/18 14:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #8: Tensor Transformations
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 24/11/18 19:00)Project L: Third Secret Meeting
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 30/11/18 19:15)Talk "Noether's Theorem and Symmetries of Nature" by Crystal
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 1/12/18 14:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #9: Curves + The Coordinate Basis + The Geodesic Equation with the Covariant Derivative
(RIII Seminar Room, Friday 7/12/18 19:15)Game Night: Concluding the Semester
(Nordmetall MMR, Friday 25/12/18 19:00 - Saturday 26/12/18 05:00)Physics Christmas Night. Talk by Santa Claus on the "Penrose Diagramatic Notation".
(Campus Green, Saturday 3/2/19, 14:00)Ultimate Frisbee: Physics Society vs Maths Society Practice Match
(Mercator Servery, Thursday 7/2/19 12:30)Physics Lunch, introduction of new members
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 9/2/19 17:00)Talk "A Universal Rehearsal on the FLRW Model" by Aiman
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 16/2/19 09:00)General Relativity Marathon Session #10: General Review
(RIII Seminar Room + Campus Green, Saturday 16/2/19 20:00)Talk on Telescopes and a Star Gazing Session in Campus Green by Julian
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 23/2/19 17:00)Talk "Causality" by Ugne
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 2/3/19 17:00)Talk "Planetary Science" by Prof. Angelo Rossi
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 9/3/19 17:00)Discussion Session on "The Nature of Gravity"

(College III Office, Friday 15/3/19 20:30)

Pi-Day Celebration in collaboration with the Maths Society
(RIII Seminar Room, Saturday 23/3/19 17:00)Talk "Szilard the Demon Slayer: Live Longj 2nd Law" by Aiman
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