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The new much-anticipated image brochure with many information about our university, research, study programs, business solution offers and fundraising details is now available. You can get it in the warehouse via the Order Form.


Jacobs University is hosting its annual admission days from July 4 until August 1. They allow prospective students to apply and receive their admission decision on the same day. Participants can choose to go through this simplified application procedure on campus or virtually. Help promoting this event by attaching the banner below in your email signature. More info can be found here:

How to attach the banner to your emails:

  1. Save the banner as file
  2. Open a new message in Outlook
  3. Select Signature > Signatures from the Message menu

  4. In the Select signature to edit box, choose the signature you want to add the banner to

  5. Select the Image icon Insert an image from your device icon , locate the banner file, and select Insert

  6. Click on the image, select the “Insert link” icon, insert the URL in the address field

  7. Select OK again to save the changes to your signatur

Updated Campus Map

Download everything here

Best small university - Email Banner

 Jacobs University is the only German university represented in the "The world's best small universities 2019"! Feel free to attach the E Mail Banner below to spread the great news!

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