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For list of talks, click on: Talks List (2018-2019)


  • Visit GEO600 Gravitational Wave Observatory (part of LIGO) in Ruthe, Hannover.
    Operated by the Institute for Gravitational Physics, Leibniz University Hannover.
    Contact person: Benjamin Knispel (possibly via Stina Scheer); Suggested by Marco, Jonas.
  • Visit ZARM Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity in Bremen.
    Contacts person: Mikka Pliath,
  • Visit ESA (possibly AirBus factory) in Bremen. (in collaboration with Engineering Society)
  • Attend the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen's OBV Arena

On-Campus Events:

  • Club Fair (2nd of September)
  • The General Relativity Marathon (seminar on GR: ONGOING - CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS)
  • Project L (revolutionizing jacobs physics labs: ONGOING)
  • University Physics Competition
  • STEM Slam (with collaboration with other societies)
  • LaTeX Workshop
  • 2018 Nobel Prize Party
  • Physics Quiz Night
  • Physics Christmas Night
  • Ultimate Frisbee Game with the Maths Society
  • OMeGa Lesum Relay Round with the Maths Society (race)
  • Pi Day Celebration with the Maths Society

Movie Screenings:

  • Screening of "The Man Who Knew Infinity" by majority vote
  • Screening of "Interstellar" by a benevolent dictator decision
  • Screening of "Solaris (1976)" by dictator decision
  • Traditional Screening of the Film "Primer"
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