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The graduate school in the Molecular Life Sciences at Jacobs is called MoLife (for 'Molecular Life Sciences'). Here is the link to its website..
MoLife offers a research-oriented Masters degree with three lab rotations in the first year (duration: three months full-time each). The time to the MSc degree is usually two years (exception see below). This qualifies for taking up a three-year PhD position. MoLife pays a monthly stipend to all its students.

Important: For graduates of the Jacobs life sciences majors (Bio, BCCB, BCE, BICB), there is the option of a Fast Track in which the MSc degree will take just one year. It starts in July (not October), and students will usually need to transfer some unused credits from their undergraduate studies. Ask the coordinator which courses are eligible for credit transfer.

For any further enquiries, ask the coordinator of the program, Prof. Albert Jeltsch.

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