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The WLAN network "JACOBS" will be superseded in mid 2013 by the WLAN "JACOBSGUEST". Jacobs University Members should use WLAN "eduroam" instead. See WiFi/WLAN Access and How Tos regarding eduroam configuration for configuration information.

The "eduroam" WLAN network had been introduced in July 2011, and after initial configuration, offers hassle-free and secure WiFi/WLAN Access to Jacobs University Members on campus and globally at participating institutions. "eduroam" also makes WiFi/WLAN Access available to guests from other participating institutions visiting Jacobs' campus. By introducing "eduroam", the "JACOBS" network has become obsolete for daily WiFi/WLAN Access by Jacobs University Members.

To be able to provide WiFi/WLAN Access to guests without eduroam access, the WLAN network "JACOBSGUEST" will be provided mid 2013. Guests will need an Internet access voucher provided by their host as before. This second network might also come in handy to get eduroam running if it doesn't work on first try. Login with a JACOBS account for Internet access will no longer work with JACOBSGUEST.

The date of change will be fixed in a second announcement.

Update May 29, 2013 

We are currently looking into general improvements to the WLAN infrastructure. To not overburden our community with too much changes, we are postponing the renaming of the Guest SSID until a decision has been made about the future WLAN system.