At Jacobs University, all lecture halls and most of the campus allow Wireless LAN access.

Most of the access points are based on the standard IEEE 802.11b which operates at a nominal speed of 11 MBit/s.

Especially in and around the Campus Center Building access via IEEE 802.11g is available at a maximum theoretical speed of 54 Mbit/s.

For working at Jacobs University with wireless LAN you can use any 802.11b or 802.11g capable wireless LAN card.

If in doubt, check the manual of your computer or WLAN card, or consult your computer vendor.


The network is called JACOBS and will announce itself. You can also search for it.

The network is operated in "managed" or "infrastructure" mode.

No password is required to connect, but only very few sites are available through WLAN without additional login.

For full network and Internet access, you have to login to the network, either by

In any case, you need your CampusNet account to proceed.

Guest Access

For guests, WLAN access can be established by issuing temporary accounts. The host should send a request to IT Support in time, containing:

The host will receive a PDF documents for printout, containing snippets with account infos to be distributed to the guests.


If you require secure communication, be sure to use web pages via https and/or use VPN Access over WLAN!