1. There shall be an Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the Board, which is responsible for the administration of the GSA, the enforcement of this Charta and all by-laws, and the implementation of all resolutions passed by either the Board itself or the General Assembly. The Board shall determine the GSA's policies and plan and Implement social, cultural and scientific events. The Board is in charge of the budget of the GSA. The Board shall establish rules for the greater good of the graduate students at IUB and issue resolutions for the advancement of graduate studies at IUB. The Board represents the GSA towards the outside world.
  2. The Board meets monthly during the academic semesters; time and place of such meetings are to be publicly announced at least 3 days in advance. Additional meetings can be called by any two Board members. All meetings of the Board shall be public. There shall be records of all meetings kept and published.
  3. The Board shall consist of the following elected officers: the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Activities Coordinator. Furthermore, each school of IUB that enrols at least ten graduate students (full-time or part-time) has the right to be represented in the Board by a Secretary General (SG).
  4. The term of any Board member ends immediately after the election of a successor; re-election is possible.
  5. During Board meetings, any attending members of the Council (see §4) shall have the full privileges of Board members, including the right to vote. During votes, attending Council members are counted towards the Board.
  6. At most one Board member may be absent for the Board to be quorate. The Board passes resolutions by simple majority, votes are cast by hand raising. Each member of the Board shall have the power to introduce motions to the Board or to the agenda of the General Assembly for discussion and vote.
  7. The Board shall have the power to call an extraordinary General Assembly.
  8. The Board is free to appoint any Member to support the Board with the execution of a specific task.
  9. All candidates for the office of SG shall be affiliated with the school they are running for. An office of SG is left vacant for a term of office if it cannot be filled at the beginning of the term. Each SG represents the graduate students of her school towards the university administration, faculty, staff, alumni, undergraduates and other bodies. All SG in unison may represent the entire GSA; if at some occasion only one representative can be heard, the SG may transfer their vote to one of their number on positions that all agree on. The SG shall take turns for such occasions. The SG hears motions and petitions from Members of her school. The SG work together to determine the agendas for meetings of the Board and the General Assembly. They oversee the implementation of all resolutions passed by either the Board or the General Assembly. Each SG has the power to veto any resolution passed by the Board and thus delay its implementation by four days.
  10. The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the GSA and administrates them in a way that benefits the GSA. She shall keep all funds in a bank account close to campus; only the Treasurer and an ombudsman of the administration shall have access to this account. The Treasurer submits an annual budget proposal to the Board for vote. She informs the Ordinary General Assembly (§5.1) of the financial situation of the GSA. She keeps records of all financial transactions for approval by the administration. The Treasurer disburses funds for activities provided for in the budget and approved by the Board or the General Assembly. She sees to it that the annual budget is not exceeded. The Treasurer collects donations, fees and all other monies that are transferred into the possession of the GSA.
  11. The Secretary is responsible for the public presentation of the GSA. She keeps up-to-date lists of members at all times and is responsible for the GSA archive. She announces meetings of the Board or the General Assembly within the provided time frames. The Secretary chairs all meetings of the GSA and takes and publishes minutes within five days; she may delegate these tasks to other participants. The Secretary observes adherence to the agenda, calls for discussions and votes and enforces an orderly conduct of all participants. The Secretary oversees the GSA's public relations and coordinates the GSA's presentation in the media, both electronic and printed.
  12. The Activities Coordinator (AC) is responsible for the improvement of graduate student life on campus. She oversees programs, services and events in which the GSA participates. She leads the organization of social and cultural activities for the graduate students. She provides a platform for the graduate students to familiarize each other with their academic fields and research projects. The AC is in charge of orientation events for new graduate students.