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The universe we observe seems to operate while being governed by rules that are surprisingly not so ugly. Even more so, they seem to be on the contrary. While calling these things may not be the job of a physicist, an individual can't help but ponder about these things. Everywhere you look, there ought to be a puzzle. Every puzzle has an answer.


  • Are you interested in understanding the laws of nature?
  • Was Physics perhaps once a choice you wanted to make for your studies that was never realised?
  • Would you like to be better qualified to complain about physics butcherin' in movies?

Join the Jacobs Physics Society! It goes without saying that if you're studying physics here, then you need to be a member, of course. To join, simply subscribe to the mailing list.


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Meeting room: Research Hall 3, Seminar Room
Time: Saturdays, 7:15 PM
Mailing List:


Featuring weekly meetings and:

  • Talks by motivated students.
  • Discussions on interesting topics
  • Group trips to sites (e.g DESY, the German Electron Synchrotron)
  • Celebrations (Nobel Prize, Anniversaries related to Physics..etc)
  • Movie nights (e.g: Jackie Chan. If you thought that's irrelevant, think again. Somehow he seems to ignore the law of conservation of momentum)
  • Other (Events, Competitions and much more!)


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