The beginning of the semester lead to new heights in communication within the Jacobs community. The overwhelming mass of broadcasted emails, mainly caused by uncritical use of the mailing list "jacobs-students", resulted in delivery delays of up to several days. As this doesn't allow for a reasonable dialogue anymore, the mailing list "jacobs-students" will be deactivated for the time being, held emails will be delivered as soon as possible.

Instead, to allow for more efficient and modern communication within the Jacobs community and beyond, an electronic "Jacobs Blackboard" has been created at

Everyone at Jacobs can start a discussion, and discussions and comments can be read in a browser or followed by subscribing to RSS feeds. Events and any other "small talk" at Jacobs can be posted there as well.

This development and possible improvements will be discussed in the next joint meeting of the Academic Council and the Student Government.

Excited about the development,
Torge Schmidt, CTO

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