How to write a CV for an internships or graduate school application

This page gives general recommendations on how to compose a CV if you are a BCCB (or other life science) student looking for an internship or a graduate school position.

Before you start:

How a scientific CV is special and different from a CV used for company applications:

What should be in the CV:

Final and important steps:

Perform a spell and grammar check, and have your CV looked at by a native English speaker. Jacobs University provides a service for this (Margaret Parks, English Writing Support at OCSEP).
Make sure the formatting is appealing and consistent throughout the document. Consistent format (alignments, capitalization, date formats) is often perceived as a confirmation that the applicant can complete a job to 100%.
Ask one of your professors to look at the CV - send it to them in advance and then come during their office hours.

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