Finding a good graduate program

Generally, the choice of place depends on your interest. Some places are strong in some disciplines but not so strong in others. So, you have to do your own research.
But there are also institutions which offer very good graduate training in almost every field of the life sciences. These also tend to be generally very highly respected, and therefore quite competitive - if you apply to these it is worth having a backup option. 

In the following, I'll mention a few good graduate programs that either have taken BCCB/MCCB students in the past, or that I feel are very suitable. To find out more about them, look at the web pages (I do not provide all direct links because they often change) and ask our BCCB alumni who study there (or have studied there). How do you find such alumni? Ask in the LinkedIn group (new in 2016), and/or ask your professors. 

Of course, many more graduate programs exist. 


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