What is eduroam?

eduroam is a federated identity management system to allow members of participating institutions to visit each others site and use their WLAN network without further organizational or technical requirements. For more information about eduroam, lists of member organizations, FAQs and more see http://www.eduroam.de/ or http://www.eduroam.org/

For authentication use campusnetusername@jacobs-university.de as login (WITH the domain appended; this is NOT your email address), your CampusNet password as password.

If you have the option, configure eduroam@jacobs-university.de as username for OUTER authentication.

To Keep in Mind

eduroam gives you "network access" where you are. It does NOT give you "access to every JACOBS resource you need right now". Some Jacobs services are protected and not accessible from "the Internet", e.g. the JACOBS network home drive. In those cases, you still need VPN Access on top of eduroam connect.

What "network access" means in detail is determined by the institution you are currently connected at! While Jacobs University is very liberal in offering Internet access, other institutions potentially aren't. "plain web" access via port 80 (aka HTTP) and mostly port 443 (HTTPS) is usually the minimum, but other ports like 8443 (HTTPS to tomcat, e.g. teamwork) or VPN connection might be blocked by the remote institution! If some services work for you, and others don't, please contact the IT staff at the institution you are currently at and figure out their institution's eduroam Internet access policy.


The following pages give configuration information for several device types.

As a shortcut to downloading the installer please visit the DFN eduroam CAT page.